AI-Powered Insurance Distribution Platform

Grow your insurance revenue with our responsibly trained GenAI

Finally, you can automatically grow non-interest revenue from mass-market insurance consumers with no hassles.

  • Actively discover and engage consumers with personalized insurance recommendations.
  • Automatically add new insurance customers.
  • Seamlessly integrate insurance into your retail banking services or broker-dealer portfolio with our all-in-one white-label platform.
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Reach Insurance Consumers with Zero Effort

Our AI actively finds and engages consumers with personalized insurance recommendations via multiple channels so you don't worry about marketing or customer acquisition.

AI Discovers Insurance Customers
  • Pull in new insurance consumers geo-fenced to regions where you have strong brand awareness.
  • Discover hidden insurance opportunities from your existing broker-dealer customers.
  • Find more insurance opportunities from your retail banking customers.

Engage Insurance Consumers Automatically

InsureLife's responsibly trained GenAI personalizes insurance advice and recommendations and automatically engages consumers, so you don't have to worry about marketing or customer acquisition.

AI Personalized Insurance Advice & Recommendations
  • Our AI automatically generates personalized insurance advice & recommendations in video form based on top-rated insurers' Life and Supplemental products we've integrated into the InsureLife platform.
  • It automatically resolves customers' identities and preferred channels to deliver personalized recommendations on behalf of your brand so you don't mess with technology tools.
  • Insurance consumers receive valuable advice in a frictionless white-label experience, complimenting your insurance efforts and extending your reach.

Assist & Transact Consumers Automatically

Consumers engage with a white-label AI Assistant for seamless interactions, auto-issuance, and claims.

AI Virtual Assistant & AI Co-piloted Agents
  • Our whip-smart GenAI Assistant is trained on compliant insurance product info helping consumers through their buying journey.
  • Consumers self-service or reach our AI Co-piloted Agents if that's their preference. Our AI co-pilots both so customers receive first-class service.
  • Your broker-dealer or insurance division gets commissions on new business and renewals without using your financial professionals, insurance specialists, or managing sales and service staff.

Cross-sell Insurance Effortlessly

Our AI learns about consumers and automatically engages them with personalized insurance suggestions unlocking hidden cross-sell opportunities.

AI Personalized Cross-selling
  • Our AI suggests insurance that consumers "May Also Need" and "Others Like You Bought" based on their unique profiles.
  • Efficiently cross-sell a suite of insurance products without your resources or managing sales or service staff.
  • Easily grow your revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty without lifting a finger.

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Discover & Engage Insurance Consumers

Grow revenue by actively discovering hidden insurance opportunities from your broker-dealer and banking customers or new customers and engage them with personalized insurance advice, so you don't have to worry about marketing and customer acquisition.

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Assist & Transact Insurance Consumers

Automatically assist & transact consumers with a frictionless branded AI Assistant, so you grow insurance revenue without worrying about managing sales and service.

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Cross Sell Insurance Consumers

Automatically engage consumers with "You May Also Need" and "Others Like You Bought" insurance recommendations, unlocking revenue opportunities without managing sales or service.

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